Bangladesh LPG Autogas Station & Conversion Workshop Owner's Association

T.O License No: 21/2021 || Reg. No: TO-1026/2021

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  • President
  • Mohammad Serajul Mawla
  • Mechanical Engineer, BUET
  • Managing Director, Saad Motors Ltd.
  • Managing Director, SMT Energy Ltd.

“ I am seeking the kind attention of the concerned authorities to facilitate the installation of LPG Autogas stations by including some topics such as introducing ONE-STOP service in different concerned departments to prevent licensing complications, duty-free facility on for kits and parts required for conversion of vehicles to LPG at import stage, making consumer-friendly LPG purchase and sale policy, ensure consumer rights, withdrawal of 5% VAT at the storage stage and 2% VAT at the business stage, implement safety issues, maintain good relations with LPG operators and making amendment of the previous policy for the prosperous and golden future of this LPG Autogas sector ..See More

“ LPG is clean-burning, has high energy value & gives better flame control, is easy to store, has no spillage, no soot, burners have a longer life, and hence maintenance is low. Environmental friendly fuel, with minimum Sulphur contents & Sulphur free emissions.”

  • General Secretary
  • Md. Hasin Parvez
  • CEO, Green Fuel Technologies Ltd.
  • Prop. Green Fuel CNG
    & LPG Conversion Center
  • Managing Director at Green
    Distribution Energy Services Ltd







We are the only Government approved trade organization to manipulate the activities of all Autogas stations and conversion workshops all over the country.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to secure the 800+ crores BDT investment in this sector by promoting LPG Autogas as an alternative, efficient and environment-friendly fuel.

Our Vision

We believe that new entrepreneurs will come forward in this business and we can make a mentionable amount of LPG converted vehicles considering the convenience, pricing and environmental issues.

Our Activities

To prevent different licensing complications, we are working with the concerned authorities to facilitate the installation of LPG autogas station and conversion workshop.

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Our Main Goal is to fulfill Members Claim and Demand Together.Our Major concern is to solve different difficulties of LPG Owners' and Improve the quality of LPG Service

Owners' Benefit

Solve different issues of LPG Station Owners and Make Maximum Benefit

Largest LPG Owners Chain Management

We are Largest LPG Owners' Association Chain in Bangladesh.

Autogas Business

The body aims at enhancing the auto gas business in the country and defending customers’ interest through following government’s regulations and policies.

LPG Station Management

LPG Station and Conversion || LPG Autogas Station || LPG Distribution || Domestic LPG System


Central Committee

The central committee has been formed in a general meeting on 27 February, 2021. About 200 owners of autogas stations and conversion workshops were present at the meeting. Mohammad Serajul Mawla, Managing Director of Saad Motors and SMT Energy Ltd was elected as the President and Md. Hasin Parvez, Proprietor of Green Fuel CNG & LPG Conversion Center as the General Secretary of this association.


Mohammad Serajul Mawla

Managing Director, Saad Motors Ltd.

Vice President

Abdullah Al Kafee

Proprietor, Shatak Fuel Station

Vice President

T Mashfu Bobby

Managing Director, Super Gas Ltd.

Vice President

Md. Nur Hossain Miron

Proprietor, Hazi LPG Filling Station

Vice President

Md. Haroon-Ar-Rashid

Proprietor, Shamsu Filling Station

Vice President

Md. Shafiqul Islam

Proprietor, Shafiq LPG Filling Station

Vice President

Sayeda Akter

Propriteor, I-ma LPG Autogas Filling Station & Conversion Workshop

General Secretary

Md. Hasin Pervez

CEO, Green Fuel Technologies Ltd.

Joint Secretary

Mir Ahsan Uddin Parvez

Proprietor, Anzar Filling Station

Joint Secretary

Md. Rezaul Haque

Proprietor, Haque Brother LPG Filling Station

Joint Secretary

Md. Ekbal Hosain

Proprietor, Rangpur LPG Autogas Station

Finance Secretary

Md. Rashed-Ud-Doula Khan

Chairman, Khan Brothers CNG Ltd.

Joint Finance Secretary

Moin Uddin Chowdhury

Proprietor,Three Star LPG Filling Station

Organizing Secretary

Shafi Uddin Ahmed

Proprietor, Dhaka Refilling & Service Center Ltd.

Joint Organizing Secretary

Md. Sabbir Hossain

Proprietor, Ichamoti LPG Filling Station

Joint Organizing Secretary

Md.Yaheya Hossain Shahin

Proprietor, Shaheen LPG Filling Station

Office Secretary

Md. Mokbul Hosain

Proprietor, Mohua LPG autogas Filling Station

Joint Office Secretary

Soyful Alam

Proprietor, Soyful Alam LPG Filling Station

EC Member

Abdhus Shakur Chowdhury

Proprietor, Pinnacle Power LTD.

EC Member

Md. Salah Uddin

Proprietor, Intraco CNG LTD.

EC Member

Md. Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan

Proprietor, HK Filling Station

EC Member

Md. Shahal Shuvra

Proprietor, Alhaj Abdhur Rahim LPG Filling Station

EC Member

Md. Tazul Islam

Proprietor, Mizi LPG Filling Station

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Md. Mosharaf Hossain





House - 2, Road - 2, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

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